COES offers a complete range of dryers and filters suitable to be installed on compressed gas lines; it can be possible to find solutions for filtration, drying and purification of gas different from air such as hydrogen, natural gas, oxygen, helium and carbon dioxide.

COES production range for gas treatment units includes:

• Air and Gas Dryers, adsorption type

• Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators (PSA)

• Air and Gas Filtering Units

COES patented 3-way servo actuated shuttle valves have been designed for heavy-duty employ.

These valves are fitted at the inlet and at the outlet of COES dryers and they guarantee maximum reliability during continuous operation using frontal sealing on PTFE seat.

COES patented valves ensure many advantages if compared with the traditional ball, tap or butterfly valves; in particular:

• their intrinsic logic makes the changeover impossible till the re-pressurization has been performed

• their shape makes impossible the process air interception, therefore the air supply is always ensured