Wuxi Coes

COES Srl is an Italy-based professional company engaged in the development and manufacturing of auxiliary system for industrial machines like compressors, turbines and motors, with special focus to the design and production of lubricating oil systems. Offering systems for the large equipment to international well-known corporations, COES has become one of a major lubricating system suppliers worldwide.
Shenzhen Maxonic Automation Control Co., Ltd.
represents over 5 different kinds of products broadly used in the automation process control industry worldwide. After a successful partnership with COES Srl over the past ten years, MAXONIC is interested in expanding lubricating system business.
Upon in-depth communication and discussion over time, the two parties have decided to establish the Sino-Foreign Contract Joint Venture for manufacturing and selling of hydraulic equipment in China:
Wuxi COES Hydraulic Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.
The Wuxi COES facility is located in the Hudai industrial park.
The main house, about 2.200 m2, is dedicated to the production and testing of the units.
The smaller building, about 650 m2, is used as main storehause. The office building, connected to the workshop, was completed in December 2012. The workshop is equipped with cranes and all equipments for the production of big-size skid.
Dedicated areas for welding and assembly, testing and packing are available. The warehouse is located in a separate building.
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