Oil Systems

Multi-year experience together with the high number of machines, worldwide installed, assure high quality and availability for our oil systems.
COES organization system is project-based, so it is possible to fully comply with client specifications and technical international rules.

COES produces oil systems over 4.000 l/min flow-rate; jacking oil pressure can reach 350 barg.
The critical items of the skid are internally designed and manufactured, It is possible to customize each item according to specific requirements. Working test of oil systems is carried out in a dedicated workshop. It is possible to perform full API 614 operational test of each unit.
The Coes product range includes:
221Lubrication oil systems for motors (heavy industry)
221Lubrication oil systems for compressor trains (air separation, oil & gas)
221Lubrication oil systems gas turbines, steam turbines, generators (power generation)
221Complete consoles for lubrication, control and jacking oil supply

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