COES bases its activity on many years tradition in the design and production of
auxiliary systems, with special focus on the production of drying and purification unit
for compressed gas, industrial oil systems and hydraulic equipment and related main
items like pressure vessels, filters and heat exchanger.
Quality System assure the design and manufacturing of products, whose technology is always in the vanguard.

The offered services of COES include engineering, production and a worldwide service with field assistance and training to the operators.
The technical competence allows to supply solutions to the customers, with units properly sized and designed according to the international rules and standard, to optimize performance and reduce costs.

Gas Treatment
Lube Oil Systems
Auxiliary Skid Units
Heat Exchangers
221adsorption dryers,
220heatless and heat
221gas purifiers
221PSA nitrogen generators
221systems for
220steam and gas turbines,
220pumps, motors
221water skid
221fuel oil skid
221auxiliary skid for
221shell and tubes oil coolers
221shell and tubes gas coolers
221steam condensers
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